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Mod Post!

As of today, Hollow Glory is officially REOPENED. This means you can run around advertising it - uh, even more than most of you already have been. HURRAH. XD There is one question that I'd like answered before people start posting, though, so plz to be reading this post and answering it before you all go running off.

I'm fairly sure most people have heard this already, but we have a new time management format since the last attempt was pathetic. Each day within the game lasts fourteen days of real time - five days of morning, five days of afternoon, four days of nighttime. You don't have to finish your thread(s) before either the time of day or the day itself switches over, but once either changes you can't start new threads in that timeframe - only continue with threads that haven't been wrapped up yet. This is subject to change at the moment; we're trying it out to see if it works. If there are serious issues with it we'll come up with some other idea. But as of today, consider this the first 'morning' day.

Also, quick opinion count - would people like us to have skipped forward a week or two in the timeline, or restart exactly where we were? I thought skipping a bit might make it easier for people to get a fresh start and for new characters to be introduced to the game, but if this'd mess anyone up let me know.

Keep in mind that most of our important game information is linked in the OOC comm's memories, so if anyone needs refreshers - or new people need to see it for the first time - there it is. The information about magic, the layout of the world, and the Wutaian War in particular are rather important for people to know.

Speaking of important information, the Hollow Glory profile page has been completely updated as of now, which includes the character list (which will likely be getting more updates soon - I haven't yet read the Boss' profile, since I leave for work any minute, and Kat's app hasn't made its way to me yet) and the friends add list. There's been plenty of changes, so go read. I think I'm going to make an OOC friends-locked post soon listing who plays who and their AIM SNs so that players can get in contact more easily with each other, even though I think everyone knows each other pretty well. XD

Finally, did I hear that someone is making a wiki for HG? Because that would be DEEPLY appreciated. I seem to not have stored anyone's apps from last time after approving them, somehow - if people who apped last time still HAVE them, I'd appreciate having them sent to me, even though you're already in, just so I have them for reference - but a wiki would be the perfect place to store such things, as well as game info.

And finally, I forget if Sephiroth had anything planned before the game died, so if I was supposed to do anything with him with someone I've forgotten - and Kimbley is at loose ends as well - so would anyone like a scene? <3
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Oh-em-gee, Aerith, Roy, and Kenshin all want scenes, biatch. *demanding* Aerith is most exciteable, but Roy could always stand to be bothered. And Kenshin is still very present and accounted for. Can we make journal entries?

As for everything, ums, I'm thinking I'd personally like to just start up around the same time. But if the vast majority wants to skippity-doo-da, I'm not so opposed that I'd raise a stink about it.

Also! I'd like to talk to you about some possibilities and bounce some ideas off of you for a potential app I'd like to do.
Sure~ <3 I'll be on tonight. 8D And you know my email~

Journal entries - I'd say no just until we figure out what timeframe we're working in. :X

Kimbley should so bug Roy again.
I might be on tonight as well. If not, I'll email you.


I think a timeskip would make it feel as if we're starting fresh, even though we have past threads, and that might make new people more comfortable too.

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Oh em gee. The return Aerith/Jack/Al. *goes to make icons*

Deleted comment

Didn't he have to kiss Roy at some point? XD
Let's skip a bit. Al wants a little more time for Balamb to age and at least get rid of some of the wobbliness. And maybe the bird might like Edward a little. Maybe.
Aerith would like to meet Cloud sometime. :P
Sure! In the library or out? ^_^
Hmmm. Library is always good, but she can branch out. It's probably the simplest idea... XD Just let me know, and I'll toss up a thread. ^^
Sounds good. Al is probably going to want to head for the library in the afternoon. He's going to try to leave Balamb behind so as not to disturb the library, but he can't guarantee anything.

:D We have lift-off! Sorry for the odd bit of emo. It takes a lot to make Aerith emo, even inwardly, but it makes sense. XD
Timeskip plz. D: I've forgotten most of the stuff I was supposed to do before yeah, it would be nice.
Also, I made this. I figured wetpaint would be ok since most of us are already on it so...yeah. Gimmie some time to figure it out and it should be up and running.
Update: Pulled most of the stuff on the profile page into some kind of order on the wetpaint site. It might look nicer if you just link to it. JOIN SO I CAN MAKE YOU A MOD SO YOU CAN EDIT THINGS. >[
I agree with everyone above me, since I really don't remember a lot that happened since last year. X( WHOOO FOR GENERAL CONSENSUS.

And LOL HAY there's me leaving the game in the post below this. 8D *KILLED*