Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (lithium_soldier) wrote in hollowglory_ooc,
Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

The official 'Hay gaiz, I need to thread with someone!' post.

...Well, sort of. Since it looks like we'll be getting off to a fresh start, I figured it might be good to make a post where everyone can pimp out for a scene partner. Just comment with the character who needs a bffl or grab someone who's already commented. Fun! 8D

That said, Integra needs a partner. Plz?

EDIT: Also, to the war vets: They really need to get together and drink. You guys still up for that sometime in the near future? Maybe 'tonight' in-game?
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Well, Yohji and Ed are both free if Integra wants to bump into either of them ^^

You want to start the Yohji/Integra thread or should I? :3
Oooh, you please ^^;
Zack needs a threading partner!
THAT'S RIGHT YOU TOOK ZACK BACK. It was because of the promise of slumber parties fangirling Ansem, wasn't it?
Maaaaaybe. :]
Motoki wouldn't mind some customers!
Jack-in-the-box is open for threads~
Roy is always up for drinking with the guys. >P
Al is hoping to schedule something for the afternoon in the Library, but he's available for morning mayhem. Just let me know if you want it with or without chocobo goodness.