Paine (__doleo) wrote in hollowglory_ooc,

Hey everyone. I just wanted to make a quick post because I know I've been kind of sparse lately on AIM and Thursdays are a horrible day to try and get me to do anything that doesn't directly involve my girlfriend.

I just wanted to quickly say that I am here and am looking forward to playing in the game again.

Once everything is sorted out I should be around a bit more. I miss most of you like whoa. ♥ for all I guess. Until then I am probably still going to be a bit sparse. I need to figure out what Paine's been up to since she came back to the capital and all that too. Whee fun.

Anyway, this is a mostly pointless post about how I am so glad the game is back but that I might be slow and stupid for a bit until I get back into the groove of things. Sorry my brain's been kind of mush lately. I'm working on getting it back in one piece.

Post is long enough. Should have been in bed an hour and half ago. Work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll play with you all soon!

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